Chromadek is a common long term media used for signs and is a economical type of metal signage media. Chromadek signs are made from a weather resistant, white epoxy coated galvanized metal sheet that are 0.6mm in thickness and can be cut to size, with a standard sheet sizes of 1225mm x 2450mm and 1225mm x 3000mm.

Typical life span of the sign is about 5 to 7 years, depending on sunlight duration and location to the coast line. The sheet can be fastened directly onto a smooth wall or attached to a frame. For signs larger than the sheet size’s, we will panel the sheets to make up the final size.

Only one side of the sheet is white, which we can print directly to the sheet with our UV flatbed printer, which is the most efficient way to print, alternatively we can print onto adhesive vinyl or vinyl cut from solid vinyl and then mount the vinyl to the sheet.

Key Points
Media Type: Chromadek (metal sheet)
Thickness: 0.6mm
Sheet Size: 1225mm x 2450mm and 1225mm x 3000mm
Print: Direct to surface or Vinyl