Printing onto tradition light-sensitive FujiFilm photographic paper, up to a maximum size of 304m x 457mm(12”x18”). This trusted and continuous tone print is the traditional photographic process that exposes the image onto the light sensitive paper with lasers. Allowing us to print from both digital images and film, such as negative, B&W and slide. There is a choice between gloss or matt/lustre finish and larger photo quality or fine art prints are done though our wide format process.

The printing process is only single sided with the back of the print having the tradition FujiFilm logo on the back. The files should be in RGB (sRGB) as we are printing with light

Key Points
Media Type:  Light sensitive photographic paper in gloss or matt
Sheet Thickness: 0.2mm
Sheet Size: Largest print size 304mm x 457mm 12”x18”
Print: Laser light onto light sensitive paper.

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